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Working with Old City Kitchen as a Chef

Old City Kitchen is always looking to work with chefs, bakers, and makers! Bring us your ideas and we can work together to create amazing events for our clients…

 You can find our list of equipment and supplies on our “Rental/Ghost Kitchen” page. We strive to work together with chef in a fair and positive environment. We want you to feel valued and appreciated. 

We provide the following:

EVENT MARKETING – We have a growing group of followers on our mailing list, Facebook (on both our page and in our private group “Old City Kitchen Community”) and Instagram, to ensure we reach customers who are craving these experiences.

PROMOTION – Old City Kitchen doesn’t just market our own events, we promote and feature you. Every chef, baker, or maker we work with is included on our site with a full bio, headshot and photos of your creations. You will be tagged and included in all of our social media posts.  

TICKETING – We work with a ticketing agency (click to see current classes & events) to ensure you will be informed of the total number of guests prior to your event. No surprises or last minute cancellations.

BEAUTIFUL OLD CITY VENUE – We have spent four months renovating the space to ensure you have everything you need, and guests will have an experience to remember.

WE COVER FOOD COSTS & FAIR COMPENSATION – Old City Kitchen will work with you to create a budget per guest. We will discuss all expenses & ticket prices transparently so you can be confident in your payment.

WE WORK WITH YOU – An Old City Kitchen team member will always be on-site to provide assistance, help with setting up the space, and assist with clean up. We want you AND our guests to have the best experience possible.

Please fill out the form below and provide as much detail as you like on how you would like to work with Old City Kitchen.

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Philadelphia cooking classes
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We can craft the perfect event to engage and entertain your group.

Feel free to contact Laura at 609-954-0488 or email us at for rates and information.

Click here for our current dinners and classes...

philadelphia sunday brunch

Sunday Brunch with Chef Aziza Young

March 27th, 2022 - 11am-2pm

Join us for our very first brunch event! Chef Aziza Young will be preparing a delicious menu which will include:

- Stuffed French Toast with a cherry compote

- Shrimp & Grits with seafood gravy and sautéed vegetables

- Crispy chicken and donut waffles with brandy maple syrup

and more...

Complimentary mimosas will be available for guests 21+. Coffee and other beverages will be served.

Seating is limited to 12 guests.

CBD Dinner with Chef Mike McKinley

April 20th, 2022 – 7pm-9pm

Join us at Old City Kitchen for an infused CBD dinner experience…


1) (Infused) Oak Smoked deviled eggs

2) Hummus with Haloumi, Sun dried tomato and olive tapenade, (infused) olive oil

3) Curried purple cauliflower and (infused) truffle oil Bouillabaisse

4) Miso cod, pea shoots, freeze dried edamame, (infused) chili and sesame oil

5) Pork belly with (infused) citrus honey, togaroshi powder, and apple slaw

6) Chocolate, Caramel, and Toffee covered Local bacon bars

Tea service

pasta making philadelphia cooking class

Pasta Making 101 with Chef Edward Strojan

April 23rd, 2022 - 11am-2pm

Pasta making 101:

Rolled and hand shaped pasta




Paired with Classic Sauces:

Cacio e Pepe

'Real' Alfredo sauce

Quick fresh tomato sauce

Complimentary wine will be available to guests 21 and over.


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